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As a professional with extensive experience within Ontario’s public health system, I believe we can improve our own health and well-being by understanding public health principles and how we interact with our environment.

Tony Amalfa, CEO


I managed high performance teams responsible for public health programs that affect us every day. My experience ranges from traditional public health programs that ensure safe drinking water, food, public pools and beaches to evolving areas such as climate change and exposure to hazards in the environment.

Now in the private sector, I look forward to applying my energy to advancing public health from a new perspective.


We Can Improve Our Health

I believe we can improve our own health and well being by understanding public health principles and how we interact with the environment.

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Advancing the concepts of public health to enable people to stay healthy and live longer


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Public Health Insights

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Public health is all around us whether we are enjoying a quiet family night at home or trying out a new high end restaurant in our neighbourhood.

Knowing how we interact with our environment, in the many settings we pass through every day, helps us understand and take better care of ourselves and our families.

Raising awareness about public health is about learning how to ask the right questions.

The Insights feature will help focus on the right questions to enable people to reach optimal health and well-being. Drop in whenever you have a few minutes and see the latest updates on public health.


Program Delivery

How are public health programs delivered in Ontario?


Inspection Results

How do members of the public get access to inspection results?



How often are facilities such as restaurants, public pools and recreational camps monitored by public health personnel?

Friend or Foe

Are public health inspectors viewed as friends or foes?

Pool Safety

Are public pools safe for our children?

Calling out the silent killer – Radon

If you think I am overstating how important human exposure to radon is, have a look at the excellent video just released by the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH).

The video not only outlines the hazards and significance of radon exposure, but more importantly, what strategies public health and other agencies can adopt to address this important environmental health issue. The proposed actions are quite simple and effective: raise public awareness about radon, promote testing of radon and encourage corrective action, advocate for changes to the Building Code Act that reduce radon entering buildings; and work with other agencies and industry to identify new mechanisms to reduce exposure to radon.  

In Ontario, many of the 35 public health units have been raising awareness about radon and promoting testing of private homes to enable people to take precautions. The extent of activities devoted to radon awareness among the public health units vary depending on available resources and other local priorities. The importance of this issue has been communicated for many years by Health Canada ( and was highlighted by Cancer Care Ontario and Public Health Ontario in their report “Environmental Burden of Cancer in Ontario, 2016”

With the release of the Healthy Environments and Climate Change Guideline in January 2018, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) provided a clear mandate for public health units “to develop approaches for promoting healthy built and natural environments to enhance population health and mitigate environmental health risks.” The guideline specifically names radon as one of the priority environmental health risks.  

There is a great opportunity to bring government and private sector agencies together to develop an Ontario strategy that builds on existing resources, experience and proven successes to advance public health and take on the silent killer.

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Tony Amalfa, CEO
Toronto, ON

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Tony Amalfa, CEO
Toronto, ON